Watching soap operas beats dealing with energy dramas

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We think energy, so you don't have to.

We’re the energy people who help you get on with life. Developing products and technologies that power services and solutions that simply ‘work’ for our customers. Reducing the time, energy and thought you put into managing your energy account.

Our best available rate

We have a unique relationship with one of the world’s largest wholesale gas and electricity producers, which means we can always offer you secure, competitively-priced, energy. And when you join, you always get that day’s best available rate.

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That rate’s then fixed

We give you easy to understand and stress free energy plans that cost the same unit price for the entire length of your contract.

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Read meters your way

An accurate meter reading makes sure you’re only charged for the energy you use. It’s simple, login to your online account and enter your reading or take a photo and we’ll handle the rest.

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Our best rate when you renew

You always get our best available rate on the day you renew. So you can enjoy that ‘new customer’ feeling every time you renew as well as when you first join.

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