Charges as a result of debt collection

Various charges that may apply when a customer is in debt

Various costs that may apply: 



Missed Payment (ahead of Debt Collection Agency placement) £15.00 
Debt Collection Agency Admin Fee  £25.00 
Debt collection home visit fee    £25.00 
Application of warrant & Installation of meter £150.00*

*Capped at this charge
No VAT is payable on the charges outlined in the table above.

Warrant process


Human rights letter sent £5.00
Pre-visit outcome/ cancellation £40.00
Warrant batch court application  £50.00
Additional warrant obtained as part of batch £9.00 each
Court disbursements      Current HMCTS rates
Warrant Execution Visits    £40.00 per hour or part thereof
Locksmith  £75 per hour or part thereof
Dog handler (per dangerous dog) £160 per hour or part thereof