Help with power cuts, gas leaks and when you're off supply.


Prepay and off-supply?

Please call our helpline on 0333 103 8277. This is open 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday.

At the weekend and on Bank Holidays your meter will go into friendly credit mode, so you won't go off-supply.

Can you smell gas?

Open windows and doors

Turn off gas at the meter (unless it’s in the basement)

Turn all gas appliances off

Go outside

Call gas emergency services on 0800 111 999

Suspect Carbon Monoxide?

Open windows and doors

Move outside into fresh air

Call gas emergency services on 0800 111 999

If someone collapses or shows severe symptoms call 999 or 112

No power?

If you have a prepayment meter, double-check your credit.

Otherwise, call 105 free for help and advice.

You can also contact your regional electricity distribution company from the list here (they're the people who deliver power into your home).


It's really important that everyone stays safe and follows the government's advice. For COVID19 related information please click below.