Our Price Promise

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We have a unique relationship with one of the world’s largest wholesale gas and electricity producers, which means we can always offer you secure, competitively-priced, energy.

You always get our best rate on the day you switch

Because we review our energy daily, we guarantee you’ll get our best available rate the day you sign up.

A rate that’s fixed for your entire contract

Your rate stays exactly the same for the lifetime of your contract. You’ll never see any sudden rate increases.

We'll check you're on track

Your unit rates for energy are fixed, but what you actually use might be different from what we expected. We’ll keep an eye on your energy usage to make sure you’re paying the right amount for the energy you’re using.

The best available rate when you renew

We also guarantee you’ll get our best available rate on the day you renew. So you can enjoy that ‘new customer’ feeling every time you renew as well as when you join.

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