Save energy in your home

Wondering how to be smart with your energy and reduce those energy bills? Try our simple tips to reduce your energy usage in your home.

Turn the heating down

Turn your heating down just one degree, or install room thermostats for each room. You won't notice the difference, but your energy bill will.

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Have shorter showers

We know long showers can be relaxing, but try to take shorter showers to save on your hot water usage. To ensure you're having smart showers, you could even fit your shower with a water efficient shower head. You'll still have great water pressure and a great energy bill.

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Use your curtains

When it gets cold keep the heat in and shut your curtains. When it's warm keep them open and let the sun in!


Switch your lights off when you're not using them

This one may be obvious, but lights can make up a large portion of your energy usage, so make sure you switch them off when you leave a room.


No one wants a draughty house

Remember to draught-proof your house. Unless your house is brand new, it's likely to have some very minor draughts. If this is the case, your energy bill could be creeping up as the heating has to work harder to ensure you're staying warm and cosy.

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Switch off appliances at the wall

Turn your appliances off at the wall - instead of putting them on standby. By making this change today and turning your appliances off at the wall, you could save £35 per year on your energy bill.

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Wait before you turn the washing on

We know it's tempting to pop on a small, quick wash, but it's better to wait and make sure that dishwashers and washing machines are full before you turn them on. Remember to always use the most efficient water and energy settings.

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