Reading your meter is a snap

We won’t ask you to put much energy into reading your meter. Just grab your phone, take a snap and send here. We’ll do the rest.

Meter illustration

Not got the measure of your meter?

We appreciate not everyone is able to take a quick snap of their meter. You might want to send the reading straight to us here. So follow this easy guide you’ll be able to take accurate readings every time.

Reading your electric meter

Single rate meter

Your meter reading is 07220 - write down the first five numbers, left to right, but ignore the one in red.

Single rate meter

Double rate meter

Your meter reading is Day 32436 and Night 46043 - write down the first five numbers left to right on both the top and bottom rows, but ignore any in red.

Day night meter (electric)

Two rate meter

Some two rate meters only have one digital display. This might flash one reading after another.

Two rate meter (electric)

Two rate meter - alternative

Or you might have to push the button to show one rate then the other.

2 rate meter (electric alternative)

Dial meter - electric

Your meter reading is 15964. Look at the first five dials left to right, and write down the numbers that the pointer has just passed. Look carefully though, as some pointers go round in different directions. If you only have four dials but there are six boxes to fill in, just put 00 in the first two boxes, followed by your reading.

Dial meter - electric

Reading your gas meter

Digital metric meter

Your meter reading is 00254. Write down the first five numbers, left to right, but ignore any after the decimal point - they may be in red.

Digital metric meter (gas)

Digital imperial meter

Your meter reading is 2988. Write down the first four numbers, left to right, but ignore any in red.

Digital imperial meter (gas)

Dial meter – gas

Your meter reading is 66631. Read the dials from left to right on the bottom row and ignore any others. Write down the numbers closest to the pointers – if a pointer is between two numbers, write down the lowest number. Each pointer goes round the opposite way to the one next to it, so be sure to check which way they are turning.

Dial meter – gas

Reading your smart meter

We know it can be tricky reading a smart meter, so follow this guide. We only need non-decimal numbers for your readings – look for numbers followed by KWH for electric readings and M3 for gas readings. If your smart meter has a keypad:

For your electric reading, press 9 until you see IMP KWH and a number that has kWh beside it. For your gas reading, you will see VOLUME and a number with m3 beside it. For economy 7 meters, to get your night or off peak reading press 6 until you see IMP R01 followed by 8 digits. To get your day/peak reading, press 6 until you see IMP R02 followed by 8 digits. You might find your economy 7 meter only shows night readings at night and day readings during the day. Don’t forget – we only need numbers without decimal points.

Smart meter key pad

If you have a green button A

Press the button until you see TOTAL ACT IMPORT and your electric reading appears.

Smart energy meter

If you have red and black buttons

Press the red button until you see CREDIT ON, then METER INDEX, then your readings. Electric readings show kWh, and gas readings show m3.

Smart energy meter

If you have no buttons

The screen shows readings in a cycle. Take the one that starts R1, which is your electric reading.

Smart energy meter

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